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Unpaid and Back Taxes

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Unpaid and Back Taxes

As it stands the Canadian Revenue Agency has a program that allows those individuals and businesses in Ottawa to catch up, so to speak, on paying their taxes. What this entails is the voluntary submission of any or all omitted or misrepresented information for a given tax return. This enables the entity, the individual or business, to avoid the possibility of prosecution and paying any interest or penalties associated with the infraction.

Blatant tax evasion

Blatant tax evasion is a crime. However, the CRA understands the an occasional oversight may occur, thus the implementation of the program. This is where Income Tax Ottawa is willing to help. We can analyse your tax situation and identify the areas that need repair.

Tax audits are defendable when a demonstration of correct accounting practices is presented to the CRA. Our professional tax accountants will straighten out any issues they may find through applying accurate accounting principles and practices when going over the questionable returns. It is because of their expertise that they have a reputation for outstanding success in defending their clients against back tax claims and tax audits. By bringing your back tax claims and audits to our attention you can rest assured that you are in safe hands with the accountants at Income Tax Ottawa.