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Tax Adjustment Requests and Adjustment process

It never pays to rush through preparing your tax return. However, there are those instances when it happens. After it is all said and done, it never fails that you get the NOA (Notice of Assessment). This is when an adjustment may become necessary because you filed incorrectly. We are CERTIFIED BY CRA for refile if you filed a T1 tax return using E-File and make adjustments on your behalf and to get an instant answer whether or not it is approved.

Income Tax Ottawa

Income Tax Ottawa understands when this happens and as such we specialize in making requests for income tax adjustments. What helps in correcting the errors is having the correct information garnered through your revenue slips and receipts for the given tax period. Naturally, once we analyse the information we can identify whether or not an adjustment is in order.

According to the Income Tax Act, the Canadian Revenue Agency can audit your Ottawa tax records up to three years after the initial filing of a given year. For instance, if there is a questionable deduction on this year’s, 2016, return they have until 2019 to reassess the return. The actual period begins from the date printed on the NOA, you received prior to filing.

Not so surprisingly, this rule in not so concrete. The Canadian Revenue Agency is not obligated to revisit any returns. Instead, they have discretionary power to move forward with re-addressing an issue found with past Ottawa tax returns.

This same power holds for readjusting any reduction or refund paid after the period has passed. However, the policy that the CRA follows is to reassess a return only when a request had been filed within an acceptable window of opportunity.